Diwali Bumper Draw Information

The Diwali Bumper is a Lotto India holiday draw that is held every year to mark the Festival of Lights and offers one of India's biggest lottery prizes, ₹40 Crore. To play, choose six main numbers from 1 to 50 and one Joker Ball number from 1 to 5. Win the top prize by matching all seven winning numbers drawn. Keep reading for more information on how the Diwali Bumper draw works.

Lotto India Bumper Draw

Lotto India is an online lottery which launched in 2019 and has draws every Tuesday and Friday. It has quickly grown in popularity as it is a game for the whole of India, with draw times you can rely on and lots of great prizes.

A standard draw has a jackpot of ₹4 Crore, but Bumper Draws take place occasionally to mark holidays or celebrations. The Diwali Bumper is one of these special draws. It works just like a regular Lotto India draw except for one big difference - the jackpot is 10 times larger!

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Diwali Bumper Jackpot
₹40 Crore
Time left to participate:

How The Draw Works

The Diwali Bumper draw follows the same standard procedure to select winning numbers as is used for Lotto India every Tuesday and Friday. It is a procedure that is tried and tested so that players can always be assured the draws are completely fair.

In any lottery, the winning numbers have to be selected totally at random, so that every single ticket entered into the draw has an equal chance. Whatever the drawing mechanism, it can’t favour some numbers more than others.

To ensure fairness, an insured Random Number Generator is used for the Diwali Bumper. This is a computer-based electronic system with a randomiser that selects the main numbers and the Joker Ball. The Joker is taken from a separate set of numbers, so it makes no difference whether a number from 1 to 5 also appears among the main set.

The RNG is programmed so that each number has an identical chance of being selected and it is regularly checked to make sure it is functioning as expected. There’s no video or live stream of the numbers being selected as it is an electronic process, but the draw is timestamped to prove that it has taken place at 6:00pm IST. External auditors are also used to verify the results of the number generator on a regular basis, and these auditors have no affiliation with Lotto India and are licensed by the UK Gambling Comission.

RNG technology is being used more and more around the world to produce winning lottery numbers, including in the U.S., Canada and South Africa.